Kohl’s Affiliate Program

Kohl’s Affiliate Program

As of September 2020, Kohl’s has made itself known as the largest department store chain in the United States, with 1,162 stores across 49 states. For over 50 years, Kohl’s has combined style and savings to its shoppers around the country, providing apparel, shoes, accessories, electronics, bedding, kitchenware, and more. Since their start, their goal has been to make shopping an enjoyable activity, including making sure their prices were affordable and their style was unmatchable. Kohl’s also works with other brands to ensure a variety of great products.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program, or associate program, is an arrangement in which an online merchant website pays affiliate websites a commission to send them traffic. Think of it as a way to help another website gain more viewers or consumers. Affiliate websites typically post links to the merchant site on their own site and are paid according to a separate agreement.

What is the Kohl’s Affiliate Program?

The Kohl’s Affiliate Program is a free program that allows you to earn a 3% commission on each qualified sale you refer to on Kohls.com. So, if someone is on your website, they get directed to Kohl’s website from your own, and when they purchase something, you receive a 3% commission from their purchase.

Radium runs the programs and provides the necessary tools to help affiliated get started. These tools include banners, creative links, and text links. If you are applying through Impact Radius, you can also access affiliate-only exclusive promo codes and offers.

Benefits of the Kohl’s Affiliate Program:

  • Competitive baseline commission
  • Commissionable Buy Online, Free Store Pickup orders
  • Monthly newsletter distribution with offers and sale event sneak peeks
  • Key product priority communication
  • Increased brand, category, and product commissions
  • Dedicated and experienced affiliate team
  • Everyday free standard shipping over
  • Special offers to promote – Everyday Free standard shipping over, Kohl’s Cash, MVC Free Shipping, 35% LTO, Evergreen affiliate offer

Aside from commissions, the Kohl’s Affiliate Program also comes with benefits such as commissionable online orders, free store pickup orders, everyday free standard shipping, Kohl’s Cash, and 35% LTO.

Kohl’s is diverse in its price points and categories, meaning you can get a commission off of many different items, giving you a good amount of earnings. Kohl’s also offers a whole 7-day cookie window, which means you could earn commissions for a customer who purchases items from the website almost a week after clicking your link. This cookie window is better than other giant retailers like Amazon, which have only a 24-hour window.

How to Apply to Become a Kohl’s Affiliate Partner:

Signing up is free and easy, and you can apply online through Kohl’s application process. First, you need to create an online Impact account, as the company provides the technology used for the Kohl’s, Inc. affiliate campaign.

Once that is done, you will then be able to add other additional and personal information. You’ll then proceed to the Tax information and review your application.

However, do not forget to keep in mind that each company does come with affiliate terms and conditions, including Kohl’s.

If you don’t plan on using Impact, there are also many other affiliate websites that you can add to your dashboard.