Everything You Need to Know Before Flying Frontier Airlines

Everything You Need to Know Before Flying Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is a budget airline that aviates above America with rock-bottom prices. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the carrier serves hundreds of destinations and is the fastest-growing airline in America.

Besides being budget-friendly, one of the best things about Frontier Airlines is that it is 43 percent more fuel-efficient than other US-based carriers. Each airplane draws attention to wildlife by displaying different animals on its tail, emphasizing the airline’s environmentally-friendly practices.

Fare Options

Just like any budget traveler, you might be familiar with sites like “lowfares.com” to find inexpensive flights, where affordable flights mean minimal services. Similar to other low-fare flights, Frontier Airlines also offers necessities only.

There are two fare classes: Standard and Discount Den. Standard fares only offer free personal items, generally a backpack, laptop bag, or a briefcase. Besides, you will have to pay if you wish to carry more stuff with you. Discount Den is a membership program costing $59.99 per year. It offers outstanding discount deals to its members; moreover, the kids can fly on “select flights” free of cost.

Bundle Options

Similar to that of fare classes, the airline offers two bundles. You can buy “The Works” bundle at the time of booking via flyfrontier.com. It includes a carry-on bag, checked bag, seat selection, priority boarding, and refundability.

“The Perks” is available after the initial booking, even if you purchase your flight via a third party. It includes a carry-on bag, checked bag, seat selection (only Standard), and priority boarding.

Although fares are budget-friendly but using extra services can sometimes cost near regular airlines.

Baggage Pricing & Policy

  • Personal items: Personal items can’t exceed 8 x 18 x 14 inches.
  • Carry-on bags: Carry-on bags can’t exceed 10 x 16 x 24 inches, and the maximum weight limit is 35 pounds.
  • Checked bags: Checked bags can’t exceed 62 linear inches (l + w + h), where the maximum weight limit is 50 pounds.
  • Checked bags that exceed the weight limit will cost an extra $75 and an additional $75 for exceeding length. Frontier does not allow Bags that exceed 110 linear inches or 100 pounds.
  • Visit Frontier Airlines’ site and check out “Bag Price Checker” to know bag pricing.

Seats and Legroom

Frontier aircraft offer standard and slightly roomier Stretch seats. Just like carrying extra weight, seat selection will also add up to your expense.

The standard seat ranges from 28 to 31 inches, where the Stretch seat ranges from 36 to 38 inches determined by the seat location and aircraft.


Frontier Airlines usually directs short-time aviation of 3-4 hours. With fewer costs and short distances, travelers don’t get bothered by fewer amenities. So, Frontier does not offer TV, Wi-Fi, or other amenities. It is better to come up with a book or downloaded shows and playlists. They also don’t serve any snacks or drinks, but you can purchase them on the plane.

Airlines Credit Card Option

The budget-friendly carrier offers Frontier Airlines World Mastercard. New cardholders can earn 50,000 after spending $500 within the first 90 days.

Similar bonuses include 5,000 miles on eligible Frontier Airlines purchases, 3000 miles on restaurant purchases, and 1000 miles on other purchases. Besides, after every account anniversary, it offers a $100 flight voucher with eligible purchases. There’s no fee during the first year; afterward, the card will cost you $79 annually.

What if I Change or Cancel a Flight?

There’s no charge to cancel or change a flight 60 or more days before the departure. If you cancel or change a flight between 59 to 7 days before, Frontier charges a $49 fee. Frontier charges a $79 fee for any changes made six days or before the flight’s departure.

If you exchange a cheap flight for an expensive flight, you will incur an additional cost. If you shift towards low-budget flights, you will not receive any money for the price difference.

Frontier Airlines passed a few amendments on 30th September 2021 due to Coronavirus. It says that “The Works” bundle clients can get a full refund from their purchases. Those with this bundle can also get a refund if they cancel the ticket before 24 hours of booking and the departure is not within seven days.

How can I Cancel a Frontier Ticket?

Step 1: Log in to your account via Frontier’s website or app. Select “Bookings” or “My Trips” from the homepage.

Step 2: Then, select “Cancel Booking.”

Step 3: Confirm the cancellation.

Request a refund via an online request form. Remember, you will not receive any refund without availing it.

How Can I Use Frontier Flight Credit?

Open Frontier Airlines site and start a new booking and find yourself a flight. After reaching the payment screen, click or tap on “HAVE FRONTIER CREDIT.” Then enter the 6-digit confirmation code, which you can find in the top right corner of your previous booking confirmation email.

If you are still facing difficulty finding your confirmation code visit the confirmation code instructions page or call 801-401-9000.

Remember, credits aren’t redeemable to cash, and you can only use them once. For instance, if you have a $200 credit and purchase a $150 flight, you can’t use the remaining $50 for future flights. Credits are non-transferable, and you must use them in the same year you receive the credit.

Is Selecting a Seat Worth It?

It’s not mandatory to select a seat; Frontier Airlines will assign you any seat if you don’t choose a seat. Picking a seat will only cost you extra money. It is all up to you to decide whether the cost of selecting a seat is worth it or not? It sometimes becomes inevitable to choose a seat, especially when traveling with friends or family. You must note that the price of selecting a seat varies depending on various factors, including flight time, seat type, and more.