How You Can Use Content Gap Analysis to Improve your Business

How You Can Use Content Gap Analysis to Improve your Business

There are multiple methods to developing your online business and ensuring you reach your target audience. Nevertheless, you lose out on potential customers if you don’t use a vital tool: Content gap analysis.

Content gap analysis puts you ahead of the competition by showing you where your website content is succeeding and how you can improve it. The “gap” is the missed opportunities previously mentioned. 

Finding the gap is crucial to increasing foot traffic to your website, thus welcoming more customers to your business. Even if your content is driving traffic, you could be missing content that would help you achieve even better results.

How Content Cap Analysis Measures the Success of Your Content

We can all agree that future planning cannot happen if someone has not learned from the past. Looking over what you have already published is the way to go before making any changes to your future content. You can do it with a process called Content Auditing.

Content auditing allows you to look over everything published on your website and find the significant areas and the areas that need improvement. When auditing your content, make sure you look at the amount of traffic the content brought to your website, the relevancy of the content, and its feedback.

Feedback like comments and how often people share your content can tell how the content is performing. As the information is piling in, make sure you do one thing: set your goals. A great rule of thumb is always to make improving content to create more foot traffic to your website a primary goal.

With all this information about your website streaming in, you will soon find that you know what your website needs to improve itself. Make sure to ask questions during your content auditing like:

  1. What is my content about?
  2. Is my content relevant to my business?
  3. Is the content relevant to the people who visit my website? Will they be more knowledgeable when they leave?

Another critical question is if there are any other topics you could write about related to your website’s topic. Branch out and find those details because the visitors to your website may have questions that need answering. If you do not have those answers, your business will not flourish as well.

Imagine having a business selling lawnmowers. Visitors to your website will want to know whether you have electric lawnmowers and gas lawnmowers. They will want to know how to clean them, set them up, and get them running. Visitors may also want to know how to fix them if the lawnmower breaks down.

That is where content gap analysis comes into play. Deciding what topics might be missing from your website will determine projected future success.

How to Improve Content With Content Gap Analysis

One of the best ways to improve your content is through SEO. SEO and content gap analysis go hand in hand when it comes to a successful website. SEO uses things like keywords to help people find the information they want.

When a visitor is looking for information on a product you may be selling; You want that search engine to take them directly to your website. The primary way one can ensure that happens is by using keywords correctly and effectively in your content.

Keywords are typically easy to produce. However, if you want to crush the competition by making sure you are using the right keywords, partaking in free keyword analysis is the way to go. Keywords Hitter and Google Search Console are two excellent resources if you’re looking for free keyword analysis.

Something cool that most people do not know they can do is find out what keywords their competitors rank high in that they do not. Target the keywords that the competition is having success. Website owners can use that information to improve their content and compete with rivals even more.

Learning how SEO works and combining it with content gap analysis will take your content to the next level and bring more traffic to your website. Using them together is the best way to go.

You Have Analyzed Your Content – Now It Is Time to Look at the Competition

Now that we have talked about content gap analysis, let’s talk about another tool: competitor gap analysis. It is like the former, but instead of viewing your work, this allows you to view your competition’s work.

It’s important to perform content gap analysis to see how your competition compares. Moreover, it also helps keep up to date with what is currently going on—knowing what visitors view before and after they look at the competitor’s page and their stats is beneficial.

Other beneficial things to look at are where their traffic is coming from and how they market themselves to receive said traffic. And with the free keyword analysis, you can see what keywords they are using to improve their content.

Content Gap Analysis at a Glance

Whether your website content is succeeding or not, it is always best to make sure you have covered every area you can. Missing an opportunity to improve your content can lead to fewer customers and, thus, cut money. Combined with competitor gap analysis and free keyword analysis, content gap analysis collaborates with you to give you the knowledge you need to succeed.