Drive Website Traffic with WordPress: Ahrefs WordPress Plugin, Yoast, and More

Drive Website Traffic with WordPress: Ahrefs WordPress Plugin, Yoast, and More

Plugins for WordPress help you do more with your website without knowing any of the backend code. WordPress SEO plugins provide a range of features to help you leverage your website and get more traffic. You have many options for plugins that you can integrate into your WordPress site, but not all of them can give you the help and results you want. Whether you are an SEO expert or just trying to figure it out for the first time, the options for WordPress SEO plugins can overwhelm you. Narrow your search, level up your website, and generate more traffic with these great WordPress plugins for SEO.

Ahrefs WordPress Plugin

You can do more than check your new content with the Ahrefs WordPress plugin. This plugin can assess all of the content on your website to analyze what you can do to make your website more attractive to search engines. By integrating Google Analytics with the plugin, you can get a full report with suggestions about what to change on your website. It even displays the approximate number of backlinks you need to get search engines to notice your content.

Bloggers swear by this plugin because it is easy to get started and maintain. From your regular admin page, Ahrefs provides an accessible way to view traffic for each page, as well as information on your backlinks. The user-friendly setup means that you do not need in-depth SEO knowledge to get the most out of the plugin.

Ahrefs WordPress Plugin vs. SEMRush

Ahrefs and SEMRush can seem similar, so it is essential to discuss the two of them together. SEMRush is a popular plugin that analyzes how your content and keywords compete for SEO. It also works well with a pay-per-click model by providing information on similar websites.

The main difference between Ahrefs WordPress plugin and SEMRush is the number of search engines it analyzes. While Ahrefs analyze traffic from multiple websites, SEMRush only focuses on Google. Since this is the primary search engine people use, some content creators are happy to keep with just this one check from SEMRush. SEMRush also has limited capabilities for backlink analysis.


The Yoast SEO WordPress plugin comes in both a free and advanced version. While the advanced version of this plugin is not free, you can easily find a Yoast coupon code online to help lower the price. The plugin helps create more unique titles and descriptions to drive more traffic to your website so that search engines can differentiate between what your post. Give your website more opportunities for search engines to rank your content with this plugin.

The advanced version of the tool has even more to offer. You can use your Yoast coupon code to access the advanced features and premium training webinars for using the plugin. You can learn how to optimize your website to connect with a local audience to market your products, connect with e-commerce, and get personalized tips on links.

Polylang SEO

People who generate a lot of traffic to their websites know the importance of attracting a global audience. The Polylang SEO plugin helps you rank in search engines with no limits due to language barriers. It also means that you can pull in traffic from less competitive non-English searches. You can give the same slug a different URL for each language that you post. You can also easily translate titles meta-descriptions.

While the plugin cannot translate all of your content for you, it allows users to choose the language while enabling search engines to pick up your content in multiple languages. Polylang SEO has a widget that lets you give visitors either a drop-down box or a list of options to let them determine which language to use. Set the plugin to automatically detect the user’s browser language and instantly display the website in their language.


WP Meta SEO takes a macro-level view of your website content. This plugin works best for large websites that feature a lot of content, making your website easier to manage. Use the plugin to generate a sitemap that easily lets you manage your pages. Create breadcrumbs that make navigating large websites easier for your users.

It also features several automated processes to make bulk editing easier. You can check and change broken links, fix multiple titles at once, and alter image sizes, all with the use of the plugin. Connect Google Analytics and get detailed automatic reports on your SEO.


Lastly, to manage SEO for multiple sites, Squirrly helps you stay on top of your sites with one interface. You can also optimize as you write your content into WordPress, which saves you time. Squirrly gives you a score on your content before you publish it, alongside tips for integrating keywords and other ways to make your website more SEO efficient. The plugin can also help you find images to complement your content.

Use the Squirrly Social add-in to connect with your social media to push out SEO content and increase turnover from social media to your website. This feature helps you automate your posts, improve readability, and source the right content to post. Let Squirrly add emojis and hashtags that can boost interactions with your posts.


People have different needs when it comes to SEO plugins. While some people may need more help improving their copy, others simply need a better way to manage their content. These plugins give you a range of options depending on your needs. Combine functionality by using more than one at a time, such as Yoast and Polylang SEO, depending on your needs. Get started on improving your website traffic today by checking out these great WordPress SEO plugins.