How to Use Affiliate Marketing Blog Posts to Increase Your Earnings

How to Use Affiliate Marketing Blog Posts to Increase Your Earnings

When bloggers use affiliate marketing blog posts, they produce a revenue stream in every corner of the internet. Product sellers let you in on a piece of the pie whenever you send someone their way. Recommend a product, get some of the sales: it is that simple.

Hundreds of thousands of bloggers are using affiliate marketing blog posts to generate an income, and it is working wonders. Below is a complete guide to help you get started with affiliate marketing.

Survey Says!

One of the most common ways bloggers understand their audiences is not by their analytics but by sending out a survey as a more active approach. It does not have to be super long or have a million questions, but it should cover topics that will be useful. Such as what products and services your readers use and enjoy. This, and other information, will help you best cater to your audience and draw increased attention to your products. You could potentially learn more about the buying habits of your constituents. For example, how do they best respond to a product presented to them? What is the maximum price they are willing to spend on a product? Also, make sure you research the products you are recommending beyond just the quality of the product, but its manufacturing habits and the exclusive shopping and shipping process.

Consider putting a popup on your website to encourage survey participation or emailing your email list a link to the form. One might include a freebie to go along with filling out the survey as another added incentive.

Promote Products You Already Use

Information from the survey is crucial, but you do not have to pour all this time and energy into one right away if you do not want to. Look into products you already use; more than likely, your audience will resonate with it if you also bought it. It will also be a genuine review or suggestion as the original purchase was not inspired by potential gain.

Try and look for smaller businesses or sites off of Amazon and see if they offer any affiliate programs. Amazon’s affiliates lately have lost 3% of their commission, so it would be wise to use other sites as they might have a higher payout.

Look For Products

With access to affiliate partnerships, you will be able to use search boards that can help you track down higher-paying products. Some products are made and marketed in such a way that will not allow for high payouts to affiliates like yourself. Therefore, you have to find products that are both practical and profitable.

To help boost communication and connection, you can join a host of affiliate marketing networks. These websites boast message boards, forum posts, and helpful tips that allow you to build a network of peers in the community. Websites like ShareASale and Commission Junctions are perfect for creating a network.

Create Content Around Products

If you want to spice up your revenue from affiliate marketing posts, you could consider creating content specifically engineered for affiliate links. Make a list of products that all pertain to a particular subject or rank in quality or price. Maybe you review a product and have links to it and other related products sprinkled throughout the article.

More Eyes = More Eyes

If it has not occurred to you yet, you can incorporate affiliate marketing blog posts into your regular newsletter. No matter how frequently you publish your newsletter, you include these links. Maybe you refer to your “set up” at the end, a list of products you use to produce your content. Perhaps you have a promoted product at the end, or a weekly mini-review tacked onto your newsletter’s end.

An alternative and more friendly approach would be only to email your best products. Your subscribers are the heart and soul of your audience, and you should be mindful of their feelings. If they feel you have sold out or are recommending trash products, they will not want to stay subscribed. Ensuring that the products you are emailing people are of the highest quality and relevance to your readers is essential.

Share Your Posts

Building out your email list is one thing, but it is only one piece of your affiliate marketing blog posts, as you are also creating content and posts about and for affiliate marketing links. Make sure to share these posts with your community and on social media. These must be shared organically and not seem like you are solely trying to make a sale or get a click. Be authentic and relatable to draw people into reading your articles; you might just get a sale or a recurring email subscriber.

Consider also using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your articles. SEO is a powerful technique that you can use to help your target audience find your article. These searchers and readers are more likely to go through these affiliate links looking at potential products to buy.

Affiliate marketing blog posts are a new way to generate revenue from recommending great products. Millions of content creators are using it to help generate (slightly) passive income. This article set out to help you get started in the affiliate marketing world and inspire ideas to advertise to readers and get better turnouts.