Open-source Analytics Tools

Open-source Analytics Tools

The Top 8 Open Source Website Analytics Tools that You Need Now

To create a website that performs well, you have to understand the individual metrics of your website. Driving more traffic to your site or creating more conversions requires that you know who visits your website and how. Obtaining these data typically involves using major software, such as Google Analytics or individual plugins. These options can be a mix of expensive, limited in capacity, or have weak data protection. Fortunately, the open-source revolution in data science means that you can use open-source tools that let you customize, read, and inspect the code you use. These are some of the best open source website analytics tools that you can use to get impactful results with your data.

Best All-around Open Source Website Analytics Tools

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If you are new to open source website analytics, then PostHog can help you seamlessly integrate your analytics frame across. Create unique dashboards that display the information that you need. Automate data collection to update data visualizations for a quick and easy way to monitor website traffic. You can even record website use for observational data. Since you determine the platform for configuration, you have sole control over your website data and analytics.


Do almost anything that you do with Google Analytics with Matomo. The open-source rival to expensive website analytics powerhouse lets you track with detail who visits your website and how people get to it. It has a comprehensive reports function and comes with excellent privacy controls. As the software only uses anonymized data, you should have no concerns for you or your users. Since the developers use MySQL and PHP, you can easily tailor the code to your needs and integrate it into your databases. You can use this tool with virtually any hosting site, including WordPress with plugins.

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics makes it easy to stay on top of your website analytics with lots of visual data options. Applying heat maps to each page of your website is a fast way to understand what gets attention and what aspects of your website need some improvements. By displaying data on touches instead of just clicks, you can visualize what draws the attention of your viewers. You can set up your dashboard to get all of the information of interest to you in one place. Track the different pages that an individual user views. You can even keep tabs on website purchases along with clicks to isolate browsing and purchasing patterns.


If you know that you need to prioritize website analytics, but math gives you anxiety, AWStats is a very user-friendly open-source analytics tool. Using log files creates graphical reports of the interaction and engagement on your website. It gives you demographic information about your website visitors, keywords and search engines leading users to your website, data on website usage, and more. It can even detect bots and other threats and provide data on broken links. Different plugins can scrape more data, such as geographical location. If you frequently use email campaigns, you will find this a helpful tool for keeping detailed information on conversions.

Best Open Source Website Analytics for Mobile Apps


Maximize your website traffic by ensuring that you reach customers effectively in all formats with mobile web analytics through Umami. Track how users interact with your website on both the computer and mobile versions of your websites. Get advice on optimizing your website for mobile users to avoid missing out on converting customers. It does all of this while keeping data anonymous and ensuring safety. You can also monitor your mobile web analytics via the Umami interface via your own mobile device.


Countly is another excellent option for mobile web analytics. This open-source tool tracks data from desktop and mobile versions of your website, as well as track the mode your website visitors use. Generate reports that specifically focus on apps and mobile websites in addition to your traditional website. It can significantly help you analyze conversions, leads, and ads with specific trackers. Countly uses a flexible approach that allows you to add a website to analytics in a piecemeal way with multiple plugins. You can even create plugins to suit your mobile needs.

Best Open Source Website Analytics Tools for User Experience Testing


Use Nelio to utilize website analytics for A/B or user experience testing and design testing to increase conversion rates and website traffic for websites developed with WordPress. Test the setup of your website, placement of buttons, different backgrounds, colors, and Nelio tracks and gathers data metrics on website engagement. Automate data collection and have the software use the highest-ranking options. The best part is that you can perform these tests without programming experience.


Appium is a great open-source tool for adding a website to analytics on mobile apps. You can use this open-source software for A/B testing in your mobile and website apps. Apply Appium to the most popular operating systems, including Apple/iOS, Android, and Microsoft. With one API, you can access the testing data you need across platforms, including both mobile and web apps. By focusing on automation, Appium makes it easy to convert testing into actionable results to give your users an experience that is more profitable for you.

You need valid and transparent data to improve your website that can promote growth. Open-source analytical tools help you achieve this through software that lets you control your data. From engagement statistics to live testing app improvements, open-source software has capabilities far beyond even some leading proprietary-based companies. Make the switch to open source today to start making the improvements you need on your website.