The Best Lead Magnet Software to Increase Conversions

The Best Lead Magnet Software to Increase Conversions

While there are many ways to increase website conversions, lead magnets offer powerful ways to engage website visitors and persuade them to buy your products. Lead magnets are free offerings, such as newsletters or program samples that enable you to collect personal information to target potential customers. These software tools can help you create lead magnets that make your subscribers buy your products. Since these are vital tools for your brand, developing and deploying lead magnets the right way is essential.

Lead Magnet Software for Creative Designs

If you need an array of products for leads or an extensive amount of help with design, then software that offers general creative suites is a good choice. To create eye-popping designs for your lead magnets, try software that helps you make many different magnet types.


You can use Canva for lead magnet software to design a range of unique outputs, including newsletters, presentations, and lots more. Check this software out if you have limited design skills. Start by deciding whether to use the free version or the premium version, which gives you access to more designs. After that, you can take pre-made designs and just change out different elements to fit your needs.


Use the template examples of good leads in Piktochart. This tool can help you design leads with infographics, posters, reports, and more. If you work with a team, you can use Piktochart for collaboration with shared folders and workspace. By starting with the examples created by professionals that the software provides, you can then alter it to include your specific information and generate great-looking leads quickly.

Lead Magnet Software for Written Work

If your leads concentrate on just written work, then you probably could use software that focuses on long-form writing as well instead of general creative designs. These platforms target precisely what you need when creating written lead magnets.


Beacon is a lead magnet-only tool that enables you to generate custom outputs that focus on reports, booklets, pamphlets, and other written work. It offers free magnet samples to get started, but you can upgrade to a premium account and get even more lead samples. This software also integrates well with PDFs if you use those for your reports. Utilize the tool to integrate visualization and audio aids into your work, as well.

If you want lead magnet software that you can directly link to your cloud, check out This tool enables you to keep your work in your cloud storage so that everyone involved in the project can edit, review, and give feedback. The added interactive feature also comes with examples of excellent leads for you to start your mock-up. Simply integrate these templates with your logos and styles to create content.

Lead Magnet Software for Data Analytics

One of the best ways to create lead magnets is to combine them with rich data analytics that you want to collect anyway, albeit converted for marketing purposes. Using surveys and other lead magnets that combine data and marketing tasks saves you time and can give you richer data on your leads. These are a couple of great software options to integrate this approach.


When you want to integrate data-rich lead magnets on a budget, Typeform is a great option. It offers a free subscription, but you can upgrade to a paid version for added features. You can create surveys and fun quizzes from free magnet samples by just changing the wording and picture to match your needs. You can even integrate videos or personalized backgrounds. Typeform shows each question on the screen singularly to maintain engagement throughout the survey.

If you want to design lead magnet quizzes with software that automatically creates deep data analytics, try You do not need to know anything about questionnaire best practices or programming to use this tool. Simple features make it easy to design questionnaires and integrate the product seamlessly into your website. has a coupon code option so that you can lure with discounts. It also analyzes the information and helps you develop multiple target groups with different messaging.

Lead Magnet Software for Conversion Management

Lastly, you need more than just great design to convert your leads. These software options can help you manage and bolster conversions.


While ActiveCampaign does have lead magnet software to engage new leads, it also helps you cultivate your existing leads for sustained conversion. Plan for long-term growth by tracking people over multiple endpoints and engagements. From here, automate the lead magnets that you send depending on individual assessments. ActiveCampaign provides different options and suggestions depending on the number of conversions and engagements for each customer


Boost your conversions with managed email lists and popups through OptinMonster. If you want to pursue leads aggressively, then you need this software. It has a range of popups to choose from, including games, scrolls, and more. By utilizing the templates for popups, you can get great advice on lead magnets that work. The tool then provides lots of data and keeps track of your visitors to help you give a personalized experience.

Lead magnets are a must if you want to turn casual website visitors into dedicated customers or clients. You can have fun creating lead magnets that supply your leads with helpful information, all while receiving data needed to grow your business. While there are many different types of outputs that you could generate, choose the kind that add real value and make sense for your business and your brand. Check out these tools to start generating professional-level lead magnets for conversion.